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FNB Chocolate Bar is a place where chocolate never stops pouring from our amazing fountains that deliver the best quality you have ever had. Chocolate Bar is the place to be whether you want to relax, chill, go crazy or just enjoy the moment. From crepes, waffles, ice creams, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, fruits dipped in melted chocolate to coffees, hot chocolates or cold drinks. Wanna feel happy or just hungry? Our vision is to fulfill your sweetened cravings of chocolate at FNB Chocolate Bar.

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We had no idea that through out our journey, we would also be creating a community, a family, a fun, unconventional and dynamic family of chefs, waiters, customers, and suppliers that support each other, care for each other and enjoy doing business together..

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Our team is friendly, approachable and well informed. First timers will feel right at home as our waiters welcome them to FNB Chocolate Bar community..



Not only are our recipes exclusively created for FNB Chocolate Bar, but our presentation is also unique to our concept. In fact, the way we present is almost an art, every delectable ingredient on the plate with its flavor and color creating an artistic piece for every Chocolate lover.

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Main Office: Beirut, Hamra Main Street, Bldg 1405
Phone Number: 00961-1-747 939


Beirut, Hamra Main Str-01747939
Dahye, Sfeir Branch-01547718
Hazmieh, City Centre-01747939
Nabatieh-07767040 / 70717713


BAGHDAD, 14th Ramadan Str- 07733341047
BAGHDAD, Al Mansour Mall- 07817774837 / 07733341047
BAGHDAD, Zayoona Mall- 07730017183
BAGHDAD, Al Karradah 62 Str-07708192731
BAGHDAD, Al Kadhmieh- 07801120256
BAGHDAD, Al Adhamieh- 07730074200
BAGHDAD, Hai Al Jamea- 07816360033 \ 07721807077
BAGHDAD, Al Saydieh- 07810440014 / 07733554665
BAGHDAD, Al Dawrah- 07726844406
BAGHDAD, Palastine Str- 07731333340
BAGHDAD, Al Amerieh- 07833135550

KARBALA, Al Sanater Str- 07718177700 \ 07817177700
KARBALA, Hay Al Hussein- 07719152927

ALNAJAF, Al Amir Str- 07834448883

IRBIL, Family Mall Irbil- 07709726446

ALKOUT, AlHawra Str- 07709726446

ALBASRA, Time Square Mall- 6655
ALBASRA, Shanshal Mall- 6655

ARBIL- 07503322052


POINTE NOIRE, Center Ville De - General Charle-

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